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City Heights’ Express Bus to Stay on Interstate

El Cajon Boulevard transit stationPhoto Credit: Sam Hodgson

By Adrian Florido
Published March 29, 2011 on

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City Heights residents who want to ride an express bus along Interstate 15 will be able to pick it up in the freeway’s center lanes after all.

Buses will stop at platforms on the freeway, which passengers will be able to access using elevators or stairs from the overpasses above. The stations will be at University Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard.

This week, Caltrans told City Heights transit advocates that it had selected the plan to build freeway-level stations instead of an alternative that would have required buses to exit the freeway and pick up passengers at stations on the off-ramps. The agency plans to formally announce its decision at an April 15 San Diego Association of Governments meeting, according to an e-mail Caltrans’ project manager sent to the City Heights Community Development Corp.

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