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Price Charities Launches Multilingual Newspaper in City Heights

By Megan Burks

Price Charities, known for erecting affordable housing and community centers in once blighted areas of City Heights, is getting into the media business. Last week it distributed 6,600 copies of City Heights Life, a monthly print publication featuring community news and health resources.

The newspaper is a pilot project funded by the Price Family Charitable Fund. It’s aimed at connecting readers to community services and bringing positive news coverage to a neighborhood often known for its crime statistics.

“The response so far has been positive,” said Price spokesman Derryl Acosta. “Several [people] have expressed thanks for providing good news stories about the community. We actually ran out of papers while we were distributing them.”

Acosta said the paper—meant to “uplift and unite”—will not include controversial or political content, including accountability-style journalism. The first issue featured articles submitted by community nonprofits and businesses, as well as reporting by editor and Union-Tribune city hall reporter Helen Gao.

Closer to its mission is providing access to information in one of San Diego’s poorest and most diverse neighborhoods. That’s why the publication is being offered for free, in print and in multiple languages. This month’s issue profiled City Heights students first in English, then in Spanish or Somali.

“With City Heights being so diverse, communication is both our greatest strength and weakness,” said Dana Brown, a community advocate. “The more vehicles for communication we have like this, the stronger we’ll become.”

The paper is being distributed at 32 locations throughout City Heights, including in schools and health clinics. Content also appears online at cityheightslife.com.

Editor’s Note: Speak City Heights and City Heights Life have partnered to better serve City Heights residents. You can view select City Heights Life coverage here on SpeakCityHeights.org and see some of our work in print next month.

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