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Minorities Have Mixed Reaction to Proposed District Map

The preliminary redistricting mapThe preliminary map approved by the Redistricting Commission yesterday has City Heights at the center of a ninth council district (above in orange).

By Katie Orr
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The map not only redraws the existing lines, it carves out a new 9th council district. Voters approved the district when they approved a switch to the strong-mayor form of government. The Redistricting Commission has tentatively settled on a map that puts the new district in the southeast section of the city. It would include City Heights, Kensington and the College area among others.

Brian Pollard is on the redistricting committee for San Diego’s 4th council district and also worked with the Latino Redistricting Committee. Speaking on KPBS’s Midday Edition he said he has mixed feelings about the proposed map.

“It is great that there is now a district that encompasses most of the immigrants and multilingual residents,” he said. “It would have been nice if the LRC, the Latino Redistricting Committee map, was considered more favorably.”

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