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Video: Residents Light Candles for Fallen Officer

By Brian Myers and Megan Burks

Alrededor de mil residentes de esta zona se reunieron el pasado jueves, 11 de agosto, en el parque Highland para escuchar poemas, cartas y música en honor al oficial que fue asesinado el 6 de agosto en University Avenue a plena luz del día. | Translation courtesy of San Diego Red

About 1,000 residents gathered at the City Heights Performance Annex Thursday to hear poems, letters and music prepared by area youth in honor of slain mid-city officer Jeremy Henwood. The evening was put together by members of Youth Voice and community organizer Dana Brown, who also encouraged residents to bring food and letters of support to the police station throughout the week.

Police Chief William Landsdowne, Capt. Todd Jarvis and Officer Riter Flores offered memories of the fallen officer, who they said loved serving City Heights and would choose it again if given the chance. They expressed thanks for the “unique bond” between the department and its community.

“It’s important to show the police officers that we do care for them and we’re proud of them,” said Adriana Arzarte, 16, of Youth Voice.

Henwood was gunned down Aug. 6 in broad daylight on University Avenue in City Heights. His alleged assailant was later killed in a stand-off with police.

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3 Responses to Video: Residents Light Candles for Fallen Officer

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  2. Luke says:

    Jeremy Henwood (In Memorial) Uncommon Valor In Peace & War Wow! San Diego, California not Detroit, New York, Chicago or LA,Unprovoked attack on a proudly worn blue uniform shatters the day,Completed tours of combat duty one in Afghanistan and two in Iraq,This USMC Captain gunned downed stateside via a cowardly attack. Whenever there is police intervention many will play the race card,Viewing a security camera from McDonald’s restaurant it’s not hard,Given the lighting inside at the counter & outside the sun did shine,It’s easy to see that this hero in uniform was completely colorblind. “Officer Friendly” is a term rarely associated in Black neighborhoods,As law enforcement is hardly meant to portray anything that is good,Tell that to Daveon Tinsley 13, who entered Mickey D’s short of cash,He was dime short as the cop opened his wallet & used his own stash. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, oh how true,However, kindness from the, “good guys” is neither rare nor is it new,Yet if the video equipment wasn’t working this story would have died,And without the proof if the kid retold the deed it he’d be telling a lie. Soon afterwards a black Audi behind the police cruiser flashed its lights,Okay, just another citizen requiring assistance, this too would be all right,Pulling over Officer Henwood put down his window, a blast to the head,Not from a pistol but a shotgun & injuries so severe, next day he’s dead. Mention a killer’s name alongside a man who served his country well?Naw! Just as long as he answers Satan when his name is called in hell,In their brief conversation the kid said he wanted to play in the NBA,Then Jeremy said work hard with a smile saying, “one day you may.” Jeremy leaves behind proud patents, loving brother & sister, must be hard,”The eyes of the Lord run to & fro.” There! My new Captain of the Guard,America, no the whole world doesn’t need less dedication it needs more,Foot Soldiers whose way of life is, “Uncommon Valor in Peace & War.”

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