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Behind the Scenes: Teen Producers Highlight Crawford Garden

By Brian Myers

Youth learning to produce documentaries released three short videos about a local school garden program this summer.

The diverse group of students between the ages of 12 and 18 are part of the Teen Producers’ Project, a 10-year-old program of the Media Arts Center San Diego.

Students of the TPP visited the Crawford Educational Complex, where a garden tended to by students and interns is the learning space for urban agriculture curriculum.

Media created by the TPP students include an overview of the garden program, discussions with refugee youth about their culture and its relationship to food, and projects that the garden sustains, such as the delivery of fresh food to the cafeteria and donation of harvested crops to refugee families.

Watch Teen Producer Project Videos
Students Plant Garden Boxes for Needy
Teen Producers Visit Crawford Garden
Crawford Garden is Reminder of Home for Refugee Students


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