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Youth: Gang Violence is Still a Threat

Each week, a group of Mid-City teens meets with officers and community volunteers at the Mid-City Police Substation. They aren’t there because they got in trouble–they’re there because they want to stay out of it.

They’re part of a program called Youth Voice, which aims to improve community safety by educating and empowering youth to become positive forces in their communities.

At a meeting last month, the group candidly discussed violence in City Heights. Despite a 22 percent drop in crime there, nearly all said they believe City Heights can be dangerous. Many said gang violence is still a major issue on their streets. Some said they knew multiple people who were killed in gang violence.

Three of the teens filed these dispatches with their cell phones.

Angel, 17

Ashley, 18

Jose, 17

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4 Responses to Youth: Gang Violence is Still a Threat

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  4. juan says:

    City heights would never change i was involve in a gang in city heights and its still da same der aint nuthin cops can do to stop da killings gangbanging in city heights will always be der its lik a war zone in dat area da best i can say bout city heights is keep your kids off da streets cus lil kids dat r gangbangin in city heights r tryin to make a name for demself nd hey it dnt take heart to pull da trigger trusth me guns r always der in city heights i been der nd done all dat nd belive me city heights will be da same fr da rest of da years

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