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You’re Invited: Balloon Mapping

By Megan Burks

Join voiceofsandiego.org CEO Scott Lewis and me 5 p.m. Saturday in Teralta Park for balloon mapping. We’ll be using everyday materials–a soda bottle, rubber bands, balloons and a point-and-shoot camera–to take aerial photos from 500 feet above City Heights. We’ll be launching at dusk to see if we can find dark spots in the neighborhood. We’ll then look at crime rates in those areas.

We tried this is September at the City Heights Farmers Market. Check out the video below–you’ll see Scott and I scramble as the balloon gets caught on a building and threatens a nearby picnic. We learned a few lessons that day, chief among them: wind matters. We’ve chosen a calmer day and a less dense area this time around.

Video Credit: Brian Myers

We hope you’ll join us this Saturday for another go at balloon mapping. Help us launch our balloons or bring your own materials to try it yourself.

This activity is free. All ages are welcome. This event will be cancelled if the forecast calls for rain (or high winds!) Saturday evening.

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2 Responses to You’re Invited: Balloon Mapping

  1. Psaenz619 says:

    I’m really hoping to make this! I missed it the last time at City Heights Farmers Market! I’ll need to check that my Canon camera has continuous photo shooting. Here’s to hoping for a non windy day and hopefully feeling well enough to make it out!