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District 9 Candidates to Square Off Tonight in Youth-Organized Debate

By Adam Ward, Mid-City CAN

A group of about 20 active Mid-City CAN Youth Council members want to make sure that the new District 9 San Diego City Council members listen to their issues.

Most kids might write a letter. Mid-City Community Advocacy Network youth organized a forum.

Both City Council District 9 candidates, Marti Emerald and Mateo Camarillo, are coming to answer their questions in person at 5:30 p.m. tonight at the Hoover High School auditorium.

Alfredo Mendez, 17, a junior at Hoover, will co-moderate the debate with Andrew Donohue, editor at Voice of San Diego, a nonprofit news organization that focuses on in-depth and investigative reporting.

Daniela Barron, 16, explained what inspired the youth to launch the forum.

“This is the first candidates forum in City Heights for District 9, and it is important that we let the candidates know what we really want as youth,” said Daniela, a junior at Hoover.

Jose Fernandez, 17, echoed those comments.

“We want to ask the questions that really concern us: for our safety, for our education, and for our success,” Jose, a senior at Hoover, said.

Crawford High Educational Complex students are also involved.

“This is a great way for us, as youth, to practice civic engagement,” said Armand Binombe, 15, a sophomore at the high school.

[Disclosure: This is a press release from our partner and forum organizer Mid-City CAN.]


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