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Bullying Through the Eyes of Monroe Clark Middle School Students

Students at Monroe Clark Middle School tracked bullying incidents in and around their school this spring. The yellow icons mark where an event occurred. Click on the icons for photos and captions. Click here to enlarge the map. | Credit: Susan Murphy

By Susan Murphy
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Students at Monroe Clark Middle School in City Heights spent three months documenting bullying incidents through photography. They mapped out where the bullying took place, wrote a description of what occurred and took a photo at that location.

The students were part of The AjA Project, which runs PhotoCity, a participatory photography program that teaches youth to turn the lens outward and critically examine community issues that affect their daily lives. AjA’s action-based workshop focuses on bullying, safety and violence prevention.

You can explore their map above. You can also see the photos below in two slideshows narrated by the youth photographers.


Credit: Sarah Swasey, Jena Olson, Ashleigh Starke and Megan Burks

Credit: Sarah Swasey, Jena Olson, Ashleigh Starke and Megan Burks


Click here to see more work by AjA students


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4 Responses to Bullying Through the Eyes of Monroe Clark Middle School Students

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  4. SG says:

    Some little bullies grow up to be “full size” adult alleged bullies that not only bully but they also, menace, make terrostic threats, discriminate (race, color, religion, sex,  sexual orintation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, family status, income, disability etc.). Children should be warned SDPD protects the alledged bulllies – even if they are violating a restraining order!  Also the law is interpreted differently in City Heights/Fox Canyon: one of the City Attorneys told me a few years ago – that if a child is put/forced into a strangers car and the child escapes from said strangers car (on Castle Ave. in Fox Canyon, City Heights, San Diego) “THAT IS NOT ATTEMPTED KIDNAPING”.   Children (espically female children) should also know that SDPD does not believe rape victims, and the officer taking the report asked the wrong questions, and the boss of the officer that took the report has been PROMOTED to SEX CRIMES UNIT (oh by the way that person is a WOMAN).  See bullies come in ALL forms.