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San Diego Leaders, Nonprofits And Schools Meeting This Week On Restorative Justice

By Megan Burke and Tom Fudge
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San Diego County government agencies, non-profits and schools are coming together on Feb. 26 for a summit on restorative justice, an alternative to traditional law enforcement practices.

“Everyone who gets handcuffed does not necessarily belong in prison,” said Rev. Rickey Laster, executive director of the City of San Diego Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention.

Mack Jenkins, chief probation officer for San Diego County, explained restorative justice Wednesday on KPBS Midday Edition. Listen to the full interview here.

He said restorative justice is focused on trying to make things better for both the community that has suffered harm from criminal activity as well as for the perpetrators of those crimes.

“It’s better because it’s not just punishment, it’s about trying to build back up,” he said.

However, Michele Linley, deputy district attorney, said restorative justice only works if all the parties involved agree to the process, including the victim.

“If they feel it’s not going to be a healing process, then the conference doesn’t go forward,” she said.


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