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Karen Community Looks Forward to a Safe Crossing at Altadena and El Cajon

Video Credit: Brian Myers, Media Arts Center San Diego

By Brian Myers

Residents this month rallied at the intersection of Altadena Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard, where a man was seriously injured last August when he was struck by a car while crossing the five lanes of traffic.

A study by city traffic engineers found that the location met crosswalk warrants, and residents are requesting the city to create a safe crossing for pedestrians.

City Council District 9 Representative Rudy Vargas-Lima confirmed that the city will move forward with creating a “marked crosswalk” and “rectangular rapid flash beacons,” and that the project is funded but not yet scheduled.

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The intersection falls just outside the El Cajon Boulevard Mobility Study, an ongoing project to develop infrastructure improvements that benefit the rapid bus route and make the corridor more friendly to pedestrians and cyclists.

The neighborhood has a large population of Karen refugees from Burma. Either because of fear of authority or language obstacles, residents say that many of the accidents at this intersection go unreported.

The Environmental Health Coalition has stepped in to help residents advocate for safer and healthier streets.

“Without having those safety improvements here,” said Monique López of the coalition, “is another day the community’s at risk.”


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