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Teen Producers: City Farmers Nursery

By Teen Producers Project

Youth filmmakers in the Media Arts Center’s Teen Producers Project create short documentaries with Bill Tall “Farmer Bill” and son Sam Tall of City Farmers Nursery, a local business that supports urban agriculture and surrounding gardens.

“City Farmers Nursery supports not only me, but all of my friends and neighbors who are around here,” said customer Vicky Church.

She says the nursery’s good planting advice comes along with gardening products.

“There’s a lot of people that live in the city that miss not having a gardening or farming experience,” said nursery founder Farmer Bill, “so it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge on what we have to offer to better their lives.”

The nursery has a plan to be a zero waste business.

Farmer Bill’s idea of recycling goes beyond sending waste to a recycling container. Plants are fertilized from the waste water of the duck pond and are watered by hand for conservation.

The next step is to get suppliers to ship products with less packaging.

“I would say in the next four or five years we will be zero waste,” said Farmer Bill.

Teen Producers: Esme Grey, Marissa Villanueva, Valeria Mendez, Joelli Herrera, Jacob Versoza, & Laura Brown
Instructor: Paulina Castro
Instructor assistant: Kianna Anvari

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